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How We Buried Josef Stalin

How We Buried Josef Stalin

How We Buried Josef Stalin

A play about flexibility and immortality
by Artur Solomonov

In Russian

All sales will be transferred to Ukraine for Humanitian aid.

Maxim Suckhanov
Tatiana Lazareva
Alexander Delfinov
Ilya Kiporenko
Svetlana Mamresheva
Alexei Mironov
Yegor Matveev
Vsevolod Kovalenko

A major theatre comp­any in Russia decides to stage a bold new play about Stalin. The roles are cast, the set is construc­ted, and a preview for the press is arra­nged. However, as it turns out, one of the viewers at the pr­eview happens to be the President of the Russian Federation. He explains, “I’m curious to see how th­ey’re planning to re­present my predecess­or”...
Solomonov’s play is about the troubling plasticity of the hu­man psyche, about its readiness, under certain conditions, to reproduce the most dangerous practices of the totalitarian past, which never disappeared. In fact, that past has seized the present moment and is about to bec­ome the future. The play shows how easily someone can turn into a tyrant and how readily his support­ers allow him to bec­ome one. It allows us to investigate the paths by which Stal­inism germinates in the souls of human beings today. In tryi­ng to answer that qu­estion, it is not po­ssible to remain exc­lusively in the zone of high seriousness. So, the play is not only relevant and terrifying, but also very funny.

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