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PARANORMA – Harmonie

PARANORMA – Harmonie

Harmonie I Francesca Merisio

In a past era, where restrictions crushed creativity and women were silenced, emerges the story of Arlet Lila. A young woman with a forbidden passion: writing. She writes out of necessity, out of fantasy, out of passion. Each story is part of her story.

"Harmonie" transports us to a world of intrigue and secrets, where the stories she writes come to life in magical and surprising ways. Her imagination gives shape to parallel worlds, from fears to unfinished stories... 

The mixture of charm, comedy and manipulation of objects makes this a wonderful play to watch. Visual and conceptual theatre that mixes circus techniques.

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Datum der Veranstaltung 19-03-2024 19:00
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Veranstaltungsort Ballhaus Prinzenallee